Himachal Pradesh is known as Dev Bhumi (land of God) and Kangra has lots of temples in all parts of the district. During the festivals and fairs these temples are visited by thousands of pilgrims. These heavy rushes are managed by the Home Guards and Police Department. There is no other strong mechanism to deal with the situation.


Kangra has small scale industries in Nurpur, Kangra, and Palampur etc. In the period of 2001 one person lost his life and seven were injured due to the blast in the industry at Nurpur sub-division. All industries are following prevention norms regarding the hazards and no major industrial disaster has occurred in the district.

As Per DDMP 2015-16


Large Enterprises


Total units              

9213 Nos (small scale).Functional 7866     


66293.7 Lakhs

Total workers         

28920 Nos.

Handloom Units