Landslides and Soil Erosion

The hills and mountains of District Kangra are liable to suffer landslides during monsoons and also in high intensity earthquake. The vulnerability of the geologically young and not so stable steep slopes in various Dholadhar, Chamba Dhar ranges, has been increasing at a rapid rate in the recent decades due to inappropriate human activity like deforestation, road cutting, terracing and changes in agricultural crops requiring more intense watering etc. in addition to above regular soil erosion occurs in monsoon and the non-seasonal rains leading to loosening of soil or stones and results in landslide.Theashremaining after forest fire increases the acidic nature of the soil, and destruction of vegetation leads to soil erosion.Continuous fires in the area make the grass coarser relatively, destroying the natural binding of rocks, leading later to landslides in the area.Deforestation in the district due to construction works and agriculture/ horticulture activities makes the soil erosion and landslide persistent. The villages or areas regularly affected by landslide are enlisted below.

  • Niyangal, Soldha, Jawali
  • Tirah Lines, Uni, Diara, Chola, Dharamshala
  • Netru Village, Jaisinghpur
  • Bar, Dehra
  • Lagru Village In Khundian, Jwalamukhi